Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree Cones

Mom to Mom 6 Part Series
Part 3

Christmas Cones (used to be the No Knit Yarn Wreath)

I was stalking perusing all my fave blog parties for ideas on easy projects to make for the Mom to Mom Crafty Christmas get together.  I fell in love with this adorable yarn wrapped wreath!  It is so cute AND affordable AND easy to make, which makes for the perfect project in my mind.  So off I went to the Dollar Tree (my fave store for many things, especially craft supplies) and was sadly disappointed that they didn't have styrofoam wreath forms.  What they did have were styrofoam cones, so of course I grabbed a few thinking I could make something cute for the holiday with these.  Here's what resulted...

A few different versions of what I'm calling Christmas Tree Cones!  The first was inspired from the original wreath idea.  I started with these supplies:

Styrofoam cone
Yarn (cheapest I could find - I think they were $1 each)
hot glue

The How To is pretty straight forward - just wrap the cones with sections of yarn, hot gluing along the way to secure. 
  • Don't unwrap the plastic over wrap from the cone.  It's easier to work with this way.
  • Start at the top working your way down.
  • Glue the yarn to the cone all the way around the first loop to create a base.  Then, as your wrapping more and more, you don't have to be too exact.  Just wrap yarn around, then slide it up to touch the previous loop.  I found this easier than to try and wrap the yarn in rows perfectly next to one another.
Voila!  Completed red and white tree!  Just not sure of the topper.  What's your favorite look?
or this one?

Made a green one too with the yarn, but didn't get as exact on the wrapping and added a few bits of bling too for a totally different look.
Finally, I made one with book pages.  First I covered the whole cone with a couple sheets of paper.  Then cut a bunch of small triangles and hot glued them in rows around the cone.

Hot glue tip:  Use your blow-drier to melt away all those little annoying strings of glue that are virtually impossible to avoid with hot glue projects!  Doing this also helped to ruffle the "leaves" on the tree.

For just a few bucks you can make all sorts of cute Christmas decor for your home! 


Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

All 3 trees are creative and clever, love the topknot! So cute!

Unknown said...

Enjoyed your post! My favorite is the cone tree with the book pages - genious!!! Could also be done with sheet music :) Stop by my blog when you have a chance too ;)