Sunday, November 21, 2010

Upcycling Hand Me Downs AGAIN

I have bags full of hand me down onesies.  Most of them have cutesy embroidered puppies, fire trucks, elephants, etc.  As cute as those are, I wanted to make them more special and personalized for my little guy.  So I just used some scrap fabrics to cover the original images.  Take a peek!

Here's what we started with...
Here's a piece of the fabric I used for Mr. Roboto pants and on the nap mat.  Do you see what I see?

Ta Da!!
Mr. Roboto dress up onesie!
Then I made a shirt for brother so they could match!

Then transformed a few more into...
a name patch onesie
a Superhero (complete with cape) onesie
and a Christmas onesie!
5 new tops to add to my boys wardrobe for FREE! 
Love that!  So did my 13 year old who asked if she could have a superhero onesie for herself!  Haha!  Capes just make any outfit cooler!  Hope y'all are having a super Sunday!
6 part series kicks off tomorrow! Check back and get a few great Christmas ideas!


Heather - said...

Those are so cute! I love them & am adding them to a ginormous roundup at Dollar Store Crafts. :)

gabriellecato said...

oh wow! i have more hand me down onsies exactly like the ones you showed than will fit into my biggest laundry basket! my sweet boy has LOTS of older boy cousins who have mommy's with taste i don't always love, but it is so hard to spend money when they share their stuff! now i know EXACTLY what to do with them all! thank you so much!