What's This Toile About?

It's Toile Good is my tiny space in the blogosphere for sharing craft projects. Crafting has always been a favorite past time of mine – some of my most fond memories of summer camp were spent at the craft table making tie dyed socks and feathered dream catchers.  Now I love to sew (easy projects), paint, hot glue, upcycle anything for my kids, my home or create handmade gifts.    

What you’ll find at It’s Toile Good:
·        Quick and easy craft projects – not only does my attention span fall short, but with 4 kids and a full time job, I have to maximize my crafting time.
·        Links, ideas and suggestions for other amazing crafters – I learn so much from other talented crafters, it only makes sense to share – we’re all friends here!
·        Affordable craft ideas – there’s nothing better than making something with your own hands that’s uniquely personal to you AND looks just as great as something you’d find for much more in a store.
·        A sizeable dose of hilarity and clever sarcasm – crafting is fun and brings out the best in me ;)

It's Toile Good: What’s that name all about?

from Websters...
Toile [twahl] -n. 1. a linen cloth or fabric

(note: one of my favorite patterns)

from Urban Dictionary...
"It's all good" [a platitude or statement] 1. despite any possible doubt, everything's cool.

Putting that together…It’s Toile Good is pronounced like "It's All Good".  This title embodies the type of crafting that suits me best – a bit refined with a comfortable side. I like to take what I can afford, and make it into something special and if it doesn't turn out perfect - It's Toile Good.  It’s hand made with love - what could be better?

I hope you have fun while you're reading here.  I hope you want to chat back and forth with me and other ITG followers about ideas and projects, the latest technique you tried or want to try, or what's catchin your eye on Pinterest these days.  I love reading and learning from you!  Thank you for being here and for having some crafty fun with me!  I appreciate YOU!