Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WWWW and features

Happy Wednesday my friends!  How ARE you?  Things around here are busy!  I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!  I've debated on whether or not to post pics of the projects we made and the kids in costume and then I realized - I didn't take any pics of that stuff.  So, there goes that.  I'm not a big Halloween fan myself, so I kinda just "get through it", which is sad, I know.  I do enjoy the candy.  Well, I did yesterday and today I'm actually sitting her crunching my abs as I type because I'm overcome with guilt for eating as much as I did.

My house is gearing up for the annual German festival that our city holds every year.  My husband is part of the organization that puts on Wurstfest and we all get pretty excited about it.  It's a great excuse to dress up (in our German-wear) do the chicken dance, eat lots of fried stuff and drink lots of beer.  Ugh - more ab crunches.

Anyhoo - today is about Whatcha Workin' With.  I have to say that I might have started this party a tad premature.  I mean I LOVE every single one of you 212 lovelies who read, follow and support It's Toile Good, but we've only had a handful and a half of folks participating in this party each week.  I have been wracking my brain to try and find a way to grow this thing, but aside from promising free stuff, I'm not sure how to get more folks involved.  I'm going to keep plugging along with you guys and hope that more people join the fun.  Maybe a different day would be better?  I'd love to hear your thoughts - why and why don't you link up to certain linky parties?

Enough outta me now - let's show off who was the most viewed project last week!
Whimsy Couture created a tutorial for this adorable Pink Ribbon Ruffle Scarf  What's even more awesome about this feature is that the proceeds from the purchase of the pattern are all being donated to a Breast Cancer charity!  You get a cute scarf pattern and help kick Breast Cancer in the butt!  
That's a win-win for sure!


lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

have you tried maybe emailing some people and inviting them. ive gotten comments on my projects and the person will say i would love to have you come link up your project at my link party. And when i get a email like that i do! Just a thought. good luck and you can count on me.

Natasha in Oz said...

I'm all linked up! Thanks so much for having me. Happy Thursday!

Best wishes,