Monday, November 7, 2011

Wurstfest: our family tradition

This past weekend, Wurstfest opened it's doors to commence the 51st celebration of German culture, sausage, music and merriment.  My husband is a member of this community organization, thus making him an "Opa" and me an "Oma" by default.  We love this festival and attend as many of the 10 days as possible.  As members, we dress in traditional German Trachten wear.  Mostly uncomfortable, but totally adorable on the kiddos!  Wanted to share a few pics of the fun we had this past weekend!
two mini Opas in their lederhosen
Cousins enjoying a view of the water and a shot of the new Steltzenhaus in the background - the newest addition to the Wurstfest grounds.
my youngest enjoying a sausage on a stick
riding the carousel
We LOVE Wurstfest!  
If you're near New Braunfels, come join in the chicken-dancing, polka-music, sausage eating fun!  Let me know you're coming- I'd love to say hello!

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