Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's BAAACK! Whatcha Workin' With Wednesday!

Hi guys! Missed yall!  Hope you're having a super day! Couple exciting announcements to share...
First -
I wanted to share that I am returning to work - well, raising our kids is definitely work, but I mean I'm going back to the world of professional working!  I'm excited and a nervous basket case at the same time.  My youngest has never been without me and the thought of dropping him off with a daycare makes me throw up in my mouth a little.  I know he'll be fine and it will get easier as the days go by, but it's part of the Mommy Code to worry and I'm doing a heck of  job at that.  Wish me luck - I'll need it. I hope to still maintain my (pathetically lazy) blogging schedule because I love it so and I'll need my crafty homegirls all that much more in the gray cubicle world!

Second -
Whatcha Workin' With Wednesday is BAACK!  I hope you'll all link up the fabulouness that you've been working on this week! or last week - or heck - whenever!  I have actually sewn a couple things this past week and want to share that with y'all tomorrow because now it's all about YOU!

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Real Life Reslers said...

Exciting! What kind of work will you be doing?