Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Pinterested! Handmade gifts for boys - Linkup your great ideas!!

It's holiday crunch time folks!  Time to get the handmade gift making groove going double time!  I'm hoping to give MANY hand made gifts this year and have several different folks that I'd like to give to.  Little boys, little girls, tween girls, Moms, Dads, husband, grandparents, in laws, etc.  Thought I'd share my first round up of crafty ideas for the little dudes in my life and I'd love to see your ideas too.
Check out these ideas I saw on Pinterest the other day, because while I haven't made a ton of time to blog about crafty things, I HAVE made time for Pinterest!  Haha!

Pinned Image
Angry birds game from Money Saving Queen via Pinterest

DIY Moon Dough by Interesting Ideas for Play Based Learning via Pinterest

Invention Kits by Filth Wizardry via Pinterest

Superhero shoes and arm cuffs by Aesthetic Outburst via Grosgrain via Pinterest

Fort Kits via Saltwater Kids via Pinterest

Now I want to know what handmade gifts you are making for the little dudes in YOUR life!  Have a crafty idea that would pertain to small guys - link it up here!

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Real Life Reslers said...

Those shoes are awesome! I guess it would be kinda weird if I made some for myself......