Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where in tarnation?

First off, let me apologize. I have been in a blog slump so to speak...I have 981 items in my Google Reader, I have two weeks and one day overdue on a WWWW party, I've missed a Friday Feature of a terrific blog site and I'm just kind of blah about the whole thing.  I feel like I've read a few of these kinds of posts from other bloggers - "why did I start blogging?", "where is this blog going?", "do I really have time to do this?".
Here's the dealio- I like to blog.  I like to craft.  I started blogging to keep my creative mind busy and to give me an outlet for expressing that creativity.  After I started blogging and read about other successful bloggers, I thought, "maybe I can make this into a career".  I figured I have about 2 more years before my youngest goes to school full time and my goal was to get this blog a hoppin' in those 2 years to eventually make some a decent amount of moolah.  Turns out - I don't think I have what it takes.  and that's ok.
As far as things go - the schedule around here is this...

Monday or Tuesday - a craft I've made post
Wednesday - WWWW and features post
Friday - Favorites post

which isn't even much of a busy schedule, but it's making me feel restricted and bored.  Not sure about you, but my life is just not the same from week to week and sometimes I can't get the craft post done until Thursday or sometimes not at all because (if you read my FB today) I have big, fat, craft fails that angrily end up the the trash can after working on them all day! grrr

WWWW isn't taking off like I'd hoped. I'm sure persistence is the key, but I guess I've found myself in an impatient spot.  I'm not saying I'm canning it all together, but it takes a decent bit of time to get the features all written up.

As far as Friday Fave's go-we're keepin' that because reading and learning about YOU is what keeps me motivated.  So I'm excited about that.

So what's the point of all this Allison? Well, it's this sweet ITG readers - I'm going to keep blogging, but I want this place to be fun.  Even if I'm the only one giggling, I want to enjoy doing this and that probably means my (itty bitty) attempt at a schedule around here is going to fly right on out the window.  My goals are this:

  • Post some crafty project once a week (whatever day that magically happens)
  • Post the WWWW party every Wednesday
    • WWWW features will be the top 3 most viewed projects (not based on my opinion, strictly based on # of clicks)
  • Friday Faves are going to stay
    • Faves will include:
      • other bloggers and Etsy stores
      • WWWW personal picks
      • Pinterest picks
      • a photo of whatever I deem as a fave that day
      • collections of ideas
      • kinda whatever I feel like I guess
  • I think I'm going to start sharing a few more personal deets too - sometimes I need a place to exhale all of the craziness of my day or look for some parenting/styling/cooking advice from you, my extended online friends!!  I swear that I have had days in which I've thought - man, I wish I had so-and-so's number so I could call them up and ask them about X.  I really think about you guys in my non-pc life too!  haha!  Anyhoo - I think I'll connect with you guys more if I open up a bit too!
So this isn't too huge of a difference, but I think it will release me from the guilt monster a bit and bring me back to the fun side of blogging.  
I appreciate y'all reading - really I do!!
now I'll cut the whining and get back to the fun!

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