Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Paint changed my life

Years ago, I saw this post from Amy at The Idea Room.  And let me take a minute to say, she has the best blog.  Hers was the first I began really keeping up with and reading.  She has smart and timeless ideas that I have bookmarked (and now Pinned) that I refer to year after year.  This idea for DIY Chalkboard Paint was something I've always wanted to try, but it's never been the priority for any project I've worked on, so I never made the trip to the hardware store for the unsanded grout.  BUT for some reason, while we were at Lowes the other day, I remembered to buy some.  You can get very large bags of unsanded grout, but I managed to find this little container for about $5.  I'm pretty sure it will last me for years! (well maybe, this project is kind of addicting and I'm looking for any reason to make this paint!)
All you do is take regular paint, I used craft paint, and mix it with a little bit of the grout.  Mix well and paint away!  I didn't need a full cup of paint as Amy used in her tutorial, so I just adjusted my amounts when mixing.  I think I used a 1/4 cup of paint and half a tablespoon of grout.  When you mix, you'll see the tiny bits of grout in the paint.  You don't want it too chunky, but if you add too much grout, you can either add more paint to disperse it or it smooths on pretty well when you start your painting too.
Today I painted a Dollar Store pumpkin, a few of these little yard signs I've had for years and were looking pretty rough and a Dollar Store platter.  (that will be another project I will share with you soon).
Depending on the kind of paint, you'll need to do a few coats.  The craft paint didn't cover too great, so I painted 3 coats letting it mostly dry in between.
The hardest part of this project, by far was mixing orange paint.  It would have been way easier if I had just waited until I could get to the store for some orange craft paint, but hey - I learned that yellow and red make orange in kindergarten - I can do this, right?  trickier said than done I guess because I made brown the first try and then still ended up with an odd shade of orange.  Good thing I try not to let "perfect" get in the way of "good".

More chalkboard paint projects to come!  It's super easy and totally fun - so there might be MANY more projects to come!  haha!

WWWW is on its way! 

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Amy K. said...

I keep meaning to do this too, but I have an irrational fear of looking dumb at the home improvement store - thanks for showing us the unsanded grout container so I know what to look for!