Monday, September 19, 2011

More brotherly love artwork!

I ordered this vinyl quote a LONG time ago (before I owned the Silhouette) and had it buried in the craft closet just waiting for the perfect piece of wood to come along and make it a reality.  The other day someone on Freecycle offered up some old barn wood and I grabbed it!  Here's the quick run down.

Cut up the vinyl into the smaller bits to allow me to situate it on the wood plank as my little heart desired.

Then use the official vinyl scraper (tongue depressor) tool to transfer the vinyl onto the wood.
Wrap some twine around the base a couple times and add a cute photo of my boys and presto!  Cute art for their room that hopefully will encourage brotherly love instead of brotherly fighting!

Going to be linking up to THESE awesome parties!  
Check em out - promise you'll be inspired!


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