Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's a shoulder tote and I made it for free (cuz I'm a tad cheap)

Remember this cute tote I snazzed up earlier this summer?

well, that sweet $2.50 tote started coming apart.  I'm sad to loose all the ruffly, gingham lovlieness, but hey, 5 months worth of daily abuse is gonna do that to a bag.

Since I couldn't justify a shopping trip for myself for a new handbag, I decided I try my hand at making one myself.  So with a scrap of linen, an old sheet, cotton dish towel and a nap time, I had this...
I have never used a pattern.  Scratch that - I used one for the nap mat I made last school year and it was awesome.  Today I decided to "wing it".  It's got a pretty wide base that I reinforced with some thick, stiff interfacing, pleats at the top on either side and decorated with a version of this flower and it's LINED.  I'm pretty happy with the results - it was free! and figured it will work for another 5 months or so until it starts to fall apart or I decide I need a not-so-home-made-looking bag.  It'll hold every crazy thing I have to stuff into a bag from diapers to snacks to toys to calendars to phones to well - I'm sure your bag is similar to mine, right?

Anyhoo - that's my craftasticalness today folks - what about you guys? Tell me - whatcha workin' on? or wait - tell me tomorrow at the partay!!


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