Monday, September 5, 2011

Felted Wool Sweater Wreath

The weather cooled down to a breezy 91 degrees today!  This break in the sweltering temperatures we have been enduring in South Texas has given me hope that Fall might actually be a reality this year!  After I enjoyed a great morning C25K jog this morning (I ran for 20 minutes straight!  which is pretty amazing for my lazy legs!), I sat outside all morning enjoying the cool breeze and just getting a good dose of Vitamin D!  I'm trying to catch on my RSS blog feeds and as I was picking through over 500 posts, I noticed The Nester  is hosting a wreath round up!
This was the perfect inspiration I needed to whip up a Fall-inspired Felted Wool Sweater Wreath.
This wreath is SUPER simple to make and I made
THESE a couple years ago lickety split.  Basically, just grab your bag of old sweaters too nice to throw out and wash and dry them on hot - thus shrinking them and binding their fibers tightly together - aka felting the wool.  Chop them up into 1 million squares.  Grab a hanger, untwist the hook at the top and start stabbing the straight-ish end into the center of the squares.  Continue stabbing while watching some fascinating television show until you've filled the length of the hanger. (I used the equivalent of 2 sweaters) Retwist the ends of the hanger at the top and bend your wreath into a circle shape.  Hang and pretend it's so cold outside you need a sweater!
Of course I'm heading over to link up with the party on Nesting Place!  I hope you'll stop by to see the amazing compilation of terrific ideas for wreaths this year!  It's on my list to stop by Hob Lob for more wreath forms so I can execute some of the great ideas I saw over there!

Hope you all have had an amazing Labor Day.  I did a bit o-crafting today and yesterday with my crafty gals and pals.  The rest of this weekend has been about Non-Laboring!!

All the best!

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Anne said...

I love all the colors on yours! I made a similar wreath for The Nester's party. :)