Monday, September 19, 2011

The Craft That Improved My Marriage

I shared this craft on While He Was Napping a while ago, but am still lovin' the results this simple project is having on my relationship with my husband!  Check out the Lens Cap Camera Strap project!

   When I knew I was going to share a project here today, I started brainstorming on a cute, but practical project.  Something that would come in handy, but be fun to create too and since my husband informed me (2 days ago, in fact) that it drives him bananas when I leave the lens cap off our (too-expensive-to-be-reckless-with) Nikon camera, I knew that I had the inspiration for the perfect project to share!  I give you the....
Please tell me I'm not alone when I say that I've washed the camera lens cap because I forgot that I'd left it in my back pocket?  anyone?  mkay - well, it USED to be my bad habit, but now that I've whipped up the Lens Cap Camera Strap, those days of irresponsibility and making my husband crazy are o.v.e.r!  I'd seen THIS awesome thing on Pinterest a while back and thought (the thought that all crafters think) - hey, I can make that!  So here's my DIY version.  Join me, won't you?

First, remove the camera strap from your camera.  
Then remove the (what I'm calling) camera strap restraint pieces.
Grab your handy E6000 and glue those puppies to the cap.  
If your cap has the squeezy parts that fasten the cap to the lens, just glue the strap restraint pieces to the other sides. (side note: if your camera strap doesn't have "restraint" pieces, you could use a small D ring or rectangle ring that they use for belts or one half of a large sew on Hook & Eye closure instead.)
Now set that aside and let it dry and get working on cutesy-ing up that camera strap.  First sew a tube of cute fabric that is 1 and a half times the length of the strap.  (You know I had to use Toile!)
Ruffle stitch down each side creating a pocket in the center large enough for the strap to slide through. (In my opinion, the easiest way to ruffle stitch is set your stitch length and tension to as high as they'll go and run it through.  The machine will make the ruffles.)
Thread the original camera strap through the center
Sew across each end, securing the strap and the ruffle together.
Remove the strap adjuster piece from one side and thread the lens cap onto the strap.
Reassemble your camera with the strap.  Tip! Make sure you thread the cap and strap back together so that everything is right sides up.
Show off your handy work to your husband and wait for the flowers and chocolates to be delivered!
or opened...that camera lens isn't going anywhere near my back pocket or the washing machine!!

There you have it!  A cute craft that was fun and easy to make and might just take my marriage to a whole new level!  (wink)

I'll be sharing this idea at these awesome parties!  
Come on by and check them out - you won't be disappointed!



Laura said...

We would get along so great! Love your blog!

Country Mouse said...

Wow! Great idea!!! :) Gonna have to try this, I'm always making my hubby stash it away in his back pocket! LOL

Alison said...

Great idea! I've been wanting to sew a camera strap so I should add this step in because I'm always losing my lens! :)

Real Life Reslers said...

You are a genius of epic proportions. And just so you know, I usually oppose the use of the word epic. Except for this once.