Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding Veil Lace Earrings

When I got married, I reused my Mom's veil to make my veil.  I also used the lace from her cathedral length veil to wrap the base of my wedding flowers.  It was my way of incorporating her dress (that I could never fit into) into mine.  I have had a few small bits of lace left overs floating around in my sewing box for, well - 5 years now.  It's so pretty and I'm kinda sentimental and I hate not to use it for something, so I decided to make earrings!

Cut matching shapes from a section of lace
I love the aged, brown parts on one of the pieces because (to me) it says they have a story beyond just being cute accessories.
Place them on wax paper and paint a thin coat of Mod Podge over them to give them some stability.
Once completely dry, carefully peel the wax paper from the lace.  
Snip away any extra bits of glue that didn't stay stuck to the wax paper...
Either buy earring posts, clasps, rings, etc - or recycle old ones to create the earring portion at the top.
And done!
Cute new and sentimental jewlery!
I'm thinking I might add a touch of glitter to the tips and edges of the "leaf" looking portions.  Or maybe layer a thin, delicate gold chain with them to add a little bling.  Whatcha think?
Have you ever crafted with something sentimental?

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Tammy said...

Really pretty earrings! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!

La-Dee-da crafter said...

Love them and I love they have a story!!!

Madigan at madiganmade said...

How pretty! What a great way to remember a special day!

Wedding Themes said...

It is very beautiful, stylish and useful for earning. Great Job !!!

smithpeasinapod said...

So beautiful! I love pieces that mean something to me. Yours turned out great, thank you for sharing :)