Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sprucing up the casa with free frames, Pinterest and Picnik

I scored like 30 free frames from Freecycle a few months ago and decided today that I would put them to good use.  Our front half bath is a blank canvas and all I have done for sprucing in this tiny area is to add a couple cute knobs I got from Hob Lob.  I still want to paint the cabinets and the walls something fun.  Frame out the mirror and find a cool light fixture.  But today I focused on the walls and these frames.  Fast and free decor!

As you all well know, I have a Pinterest addiction.  I'm not even trying to hide it any more these days.  I just talk about it with friends and family like it's another person.  Like.."the other day, when I was working with Pinterest", or "Me and Pinterest are going to spend some QT tonight after the kids go to bed", or "I'm going out to eat with Pinterest, don't wait up."  No wait - that last one isn't quite right.  But you get the idea - I'm in love with the darn thing.

I have a couple category pages called "Deep Thoughts" and "Things That Make Me Smile" where I have Pinned quotes and funny sayings.  Since I also love Picnik, (almost as much as Pinterest) I thought I could create a few of these on my own and print them for free and well, that's just what I did - because isn't the bathroom where all of your deep thinking happens?

Take a peek at the inspiration:
follow your heart

ha ha
when hip hop and needle arts collide

With a little Picnik magic and my trusty color printer, I had 9 entertaining printables in  no time flat and at no cost to me!  Popped them into the frames and stuck them on the wall!
Filled a lot of wall space and added some fun to this little space!
Here's a close up of my prints...(ps - if you can figure out how to down load them - go for it.  I have no idea how to make a "Printable" - would love to learn if you want to share your genius!)

Love this last one since our side of town's mascot is a unicorn!  Haha!  What's great about these printables, is that I can switch them out easily as I find new quotes - or theme them for the holidays!  What have y'all been working on?  I'm trying to get my hiney organized for the school year!!  I'm off to clean and sort papers and try to get my head above the waters in this messy home!

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Real Life Reslers said...

love it! I need something to hang up in my bathroom too!