Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorite Fridays!

TGIF my friends!  Hope your day is rockin' right along.  I put the question out to the It's Toile Good Facebookers this morning as to what theme they would like to see for Favorite's Friday and my friend Julie commented that she wanted an Ice Cream theme!  Since it's 1,124 degrees in South Texas today, I am happy to oblige with ideas, images and recipes of probably my most favorite food of all time!  Here are my Ice Cream favorites this Friday!

Love this sentiment!
Sold on Etsy found via Pinterest

Love this idea for a summer party!  Home made ice cream in mason jars in a cooler filled with ice!  Pretty presentation.  (I would totally cheat and use scoops of store bought ice cream)
handmade wedding 7170883 T7PuVksk c DIY Mason Jar Ice Cream Favors
Idea from Emmaline Bride found via Pinterest

This is also a pretty clever idea for serving ice cream at a party!  It would be perfect for a kids party so there's no patience-testing-scoop time!
Idea from Real Simple found via Pinterest

My favorite flavor of ice cream, EVER...

Ok, not sure if I'm all about "tea" flavored ice cream, but I love the idea of the presentation on this.  Perfect for a little girl's tea party!
Idea from Whipup found via Pinterest

Fun way to make ice cream with the kids!  In a coffee can!
How to Make Ice Cream in a Can
Idea and instructions found on Kaboose, found via Sassy Sites!

 Made this awesome ice cream in a baggie last summer for our July 4th party!  so good!

Can't remember where I found this idea last year, but here's the same thing from 2 Little Hooligans via Sassy Sites

No wait, this is my face ice cream flavor EVER
Flickr image found via Pinterest

Love the idea of an ice cream themed party!  Check out the cake I would have!
Idea from One Charming Party found via Pinterest

and I would have these balloons!

and I would wear this hat...
Idea from Kara's Party Ideas found via Pinterest

and I would serving toppings in kid-style fortune teller paper bowls (because that is AWESOME!)
Idea from Martha Stewart (well, duh!) found via Pinterest

How bout some ice cream balls - I mean, I love cake balls, so naturally I'm sure ice cream balls would be a hit too!
Idea from Sweet Paul Mag found via Pinterest

no wait, this is my fave ice cream flavor EVER!
Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream
Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream idea from David Lebovitz found via Pinterest

How hilarious is this?

and finally, the only Ice Cream Truck that dared drive through Texas...
found from an email my Father In Law sent me earlier this week!

Hope y'all enjoyed today's Favorites Friday!  I'm off to eat ice cream for breakfast!  This post has me thinking about these special ice cream sundaes I used to make years ago per a suggestion from one of my co-workers.  They are extra special and super yummy.  I'll have to whip one up because I haven't seen the idea online anywhere!  I'll make one tonight and share the goodness with yall!

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Hugs and high fives!

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Lynnie said...

I love that ice cream truck! I heard it is hot in Tx this year....glas we moved!