Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whatcha Workin' With Wednesday Partay and features!!

Well hello all you creative lovelies!  Great party last week!  Here's a taste of what was Workin'.

You wouldn't believe how this cute skirt started out!  
Lauren from Adventures of Lauren did an amazing job on this clothing transformation.
Ashley from A Blonde's DIY Life had a stroke of inventive genius when she reconfigured her Ikea bookcases into this sleek and stylish entertainment center!  Can't beat redecorating for FREE!
Another great clothes refashion from Meredith at Haute To Sew who turned a so-so top and too-tight dress into this cuteness!
and finally, La Dee Da Creations took an heirloom suitcase and made am adorable and functional romantic picnic basket!
crafting    Picnic in a vintage suitcase
 Grab yourself a Worked It button because you showed that party who was boss! 
For all the party fun, click here!!
worked it

...and now it's time to show off Whatcha Workin' With this week!


La La Lauren!!! said...

Thanks for featuring me! And yes I love my new paisley skirt too! :)

Lauren/Adventures of Lauren

Real Life Reslers said...

Those shelves do work really well as an entertainment center. I wish there was an IKEA near me. I guess I'll just have to live with Walmart! lol