Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Display inspired from Pinterest

Saw this terrific idea for a photo display on Pinterest the other day and knew I HAD to make this.  We've had a neked wall in our living room for some time and I've played with several ideas on what to fill it with.  Since my favorite thing to look at is my kids, I thought a unique photo display would be perfect.

Source:  here and here
Fortunately, I had a large black empty frame sitting in the craft closet, twine, clothes pins and tacks all on hand.  When we were buying air filters at Lowes the other day I took a peek at the oops paint and found an amazing greeny, tealy, turquoise shade that coordinated perfectly with my living room colors for $2.00!! 
 So this project was as cheap as they come to create!  Painted a couple coat on each side over the course of a few mornings.  It's officially too hot to go outside in Texas these days.  After the hardest part - painting - was over, just cut my twine to a length longer than the width of the frame and started eyeballing the placement of each row.  Pull the twine really tight to allow it to hold the weight of the photo and the clothes pin.  Add the remaining rows, clip the photos to the twine in a decorative fashion and voila!  Donesies!
Oh, and I used a Sharpie to color my icky shiny brass tacks - like em much better that way!
And you know what's the cutest part...those kiddos!  heehee! (I can say that, I'm the Mom)
Think I may have to white wash my clothes pins or jazz them up some how, but for now - call me Ronald MacDonald cuz I'm lovin it!

Gonna link up to these awesome parties - come on over and see because I know you'll be inspired!
Tomorrow is Whatcha Workin' With Wedneday and features from the last party!  Don't miss it!


Julie said...

"call me Ronald MacDonald cuz I'm lovin it!" Hahahah You're so funny! Good job on this! I can't believe that paint was $2...did you dance down the isle when you found it? I think I would! I love that color!
You'll have to update us on what you do with those clothespins!

AmieAnn said...

Sooo adorable! Loving the color and all of the adorable pictures! Such a clever way to display your little lovies! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share this week!