Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making Lemonade With Your Old Wardrobe

I have quite a few clothes, but none of them are very exciting.  I'm a WAHM, so it's rare that I'm ever in need of a cute, coordinated, put-together look.  Ok, I'll be honest, I rarely ware shoes, make up or do my hair most days of the week.  I also live on a tight budget, which means little-to-no clothes shopping money.  But the last couple days, I have had fun "making lemonade" with my old "lemon" clothes.

First, I made this (ridiculously easy) knit tank using a remnant of knit fabric I found for $1.25 at my local Senior Citizen's Thrift Store and an old scarf I've had for years.  (I actually have enough fabric left for another top, which may be happening soon!)  I found a terrific tutorial for the tank How To here.  I am LOVING this blog too!  If you love MADE, you gotta head over and check out Sweet Verbena!!
(I really do have a head and legs, but I am absolutely NOT photogenic in any way.  I mean, this is a good pic of me people...
so, until I learn how not to look like an absolute cheese ball in photos, we're choppin my head off)
Speaking of chopping... for my next refashion, I chopped up a maxi dress to make a maxi skirt.  It was cute on my when I was preggo a couple summers ago, but not as much this summer.  I liked the tiered bottom part, so...I...CHOPPED!
Added a casing at the top for some elastic and presto!  
Maxi skirt!
Didn't even try to take a pic with this on, since we don't own a full length mirror and I'm not going to ask my 4 year old to work the Nikon.  As far as I can tell, it's pretty cute.  (ha!)

And for my third trick....I took a thrift store $2.00 tee and created what I'm calling the tube top tunic!  I'll be making another of these soon (hopefully today) and will show the steps, but it's so simple I probably don't need to.  Just cut off the sleeves and chop the shirt straight across the top giving yourself enough space above the logo to fold over and sew a casing for some elastic.  Measure your elastic by "trying it on" and cutting it to fit.  Thread it through your casing, sew ends together, sew casing closed and call it a tunic!
Yes, our school mascot is a Unicorn.  I'm not from here, but the locals take it very seriously.  (even though I've tried to point out how ridiculous a unicorn mascot is)

So with little-to-no money invested, I created and changed up some old clothes into a few new pieces for my summer!  Shew!  I had no idea taking photos of me in clothes would stress me out so much!  Thank goodness for Picnik and cropping!  What have y'all been workin' on?  Can't wait to read about it today at the party!

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Julie said...

You are my hero today :) I love all 3 of these & I NEED to be you for a day!!! I'm broke as a joke & am siiiick of my clothes!