Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm back!

First things first...there are a few newbies here on the blog and on Facebook and I just want to say HI!  Thanks for coming round my corner of the bloggy world - I'm too flattered to have you here!  Thanks for joining in the fearless crafting fun that is It's Toile Good!

Secondly, tonight's the last night of my official vacation and I packed in a much fun as possible for this past week.  Started with my friend Traci coming into town and a pre-birthday night out with friends.  Then a July 4th celebration at our house on the 3rd, a July 4th Party at my Mother In Law's on the 4th, a day of sun and fun at Schlitterbahn (the world's BEST water park) and then a few days of sand and surf on the Texas Coast!  I'll be hittin' up RSS feed and trying my best to get caught up on things here very soon!  Here's a few pics of the fun 'til then!

big brother
baby brother
only way I'll take a pic of me on the beach - toes in the sand!
our view from the balcony
Summer 2011
my four kiddos
flyin' with the birds

It was great, but now it's back to business!  Crafts, features, favorites, parties...I'm back and I can't wait to reconnect with yall!
See ya manana!

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