Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a Guest Post Reposted

I posted over at Delicate Construction a while back and thought I'd re-post the project I shared over there!  Also, take a peek at my other bloggy space - the Thank You Note Project.  Be back later today with the WWWW party, features and some easy refashion projects!


I brought a couple things to show and tell about today, but let's chat about the crafty stuff first, mkay?  I have to tell you that when I find a craft I like, I craft the heck out of it, and recently I bought a can of frosting spray paint and have been using it to create as many projects as I can think of.  Today I whipped up this frosted carafe set in just a few minutes!
It's just something pretty for my night stand and perfect for when I (or my 4 year old who still crawls into bed with us at night) want a drink.  I've also used this paint on a tall glass container to create a pretty utensil holder for my kitchen and then snazzied up a couple flower vases to give as gifts for Mother's Day.  It's super easy and quick and transforms blah, glassware into something special!  Here's how...
I'm calling this a carafe "set", but honestly, I've had that wine carafe for 5 years (a wedding gift) and have used it maybe once.  (Oh the things you'll register for when you're silly in love!)  I just grabbed a glass (one from an incomplete set - we have lots of those around our house) and cut out a chevron (since they're all the rage and I try to keep up with what's cool) pattern on a piece of vinyl using my Silhouette.  Of course you could trace and cut anything from contact paper or use stickers if you don't have vinyl and/or a craft cutter.  
 Stick that vinyl onto your glass pieces
Place those glasses upside down on your super fancy spray painting table (aka. cardboard on the garage floor) and give them a few good coats of frosting spray paint.  Let them dry for about 15 minutes (this stuff is set fast!), rip off your stickers and ta da!!
 The glass has the chevron frosted up the side...
and the carafe has the reverse frosted around the base!  Easy, fast crafts are my fave and I'm so thankful I've been able to share a little It's Toile Good craftiness with you guys.  Hey - speaking of thankfulness...let me share a little bit about my 365 project in gratitude - the Thank You Note Project.

The Thank You Note Project is my experiment in living this year more meaningfully, more impactfully, and more appreciatively.  I have set a goal for myself to send one thank you note every day to a person who has touched me in some way.  I truly believe in the power of hand written correspondence and hope to demonstrate its importance to others in though this challenge.  I'm also hoping to pass on this tradition in etiquette to my 4 kids.  My most recent note was to a friend (of a friend really) because her Facebook status caught my eye.  Read more about that here.
I've also been really fortunate to work with my sponsor (and previous employer) to create a new type of thank you note that was invented for this project called Instant Gratitude Cards.  They are pocket-sized folded notes that I carry with me wherever I go, in my wallet, purse or diaper bag.  They allow me to share my gratitude in the moment with a waiter or grocery checker or drive-through employee who has done something that I am thankful for.  I can tell these folks that I appreciate them on the spot and because of these notes, I am constantly LOOKING for reasons to be thankful.  This project has re-shaped the way I look at all of my interactions.  I wake up thinking about reasons to be thankful and that is an amazing feeling.  I hope you'll come visit the Thank You Note Project blog, Facebook page or follow the thankfulness on Twitter.

I couldn't be more thankful for Michelle today, who has allowed me to share two of my favorite things with you!  I hope you have an AWESOME Sunday and hope you find inspiration to indulge your creative side or share your gratitude with someone - either one will make you smile!
All the best to you!

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I love the thank you note idea! I am a big believer in written notes. I started saving the ones I received a few years ago and I love them! It reminds me we all make a difference in someone's life.
xo, laura

ps I stopped by for linky project, did i miss it?