Friday, July 1, 2011

Favorite Friday # 9 All things Red, White and Blue

Today is a special Friday because it's the Friday before I am on vacation for a WEEK!  Woohoo!  Yippee Skippy!  Can't wait to relax with my fam, grill, sleep in, nap, sip on a rita or two, play in the pool, head to the coast, dig in the sand and enjoy being footloose and fancy free for just a little bit!

Before I do, I'd love to share a few things I've whipped up for the July 4th holiday and since I worked on em - they are my favorites so that's what I'm sharing on Favorites Friday!!

One of my first ventures into "grown up crating" was this Martha Stewart star banner.  It was relatively easy and what's great is that since I used a pretty sturdy paper, it holds up in storage and has been decorating my home for this holiday for years.
I saw this project on Pinterest the other day since I'm a closet tin can hoarder, I knew I needed to make a few to work through my stash.
Did mine a little different than the Pinterest project because I'm a Nike wanna be and do my best to "Rock What I Got" (if you haven't read Thrive - you must.  right now.  I'll wait...).  Used craft paint and drew on the stars with a paint pen and used a gingham ribbon and some red and white striped fabric strips for the tails.

I'm also a baby food jar collector, so made a few little vases to add to the holiday decor as well.  Just washed em real good, painted on dots in a swirly pattern, sprayed em with some spray paint and tada!  Cute little vases ready for some red, white and maybe blue flowers for the table!

Made a $2 table accessory using a dollar store Parmesan / Hot Pepper shaker and a package of small flags.  Quick, cheap and easy!

  While I was there, grabbed a set of red, white and blue coasters for a buck!  Man, I love that place!

As I was working on my fork and spoon project earlier this week, I chopped up a couple wooden spindles and had some smaller piece of scrap wood left over.  I knew they would make perfect wooden firecrackers!  Painted them up, Mod Podged on some scrapbook paper and used a nail to hammer in holes to place the silver pipe cleaners in.
And finally whipped up a few matching shirts for my boys and their cousin.  Haven't decided if they should say, "Boom", "Boom" and "Pow" on the back or "Snap", "Crackle" and "Pop".  What do you think?

 Still working on my July 4th wreath, but y'all know me - my middle name is procrastination.
Hope y'all are all ready for this long holiday weekend!  I can't wait to get to partyin!  Speaking of - there's still time to show off Whatcha Working With at the party this week!  I can't wait to check out all of your awesomeness!

Things may be quiet around here for the next week.  If it were my way - I'd do nothing but blog, Pin, drink margaritas and sun bathe all week.  I'll try to squeeze some of that in between applying sunscreen to baby cheeks and making lots of party food!

Happy 4th!  

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Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Visiting from HOH--great looking blog, and I love your baby food jars :)