Thursday, June 9, 2011

WWWW 3rd time's a charm partay

It's called Whatcha Workin' With Wednesday and so far I've posted our party a day late, twice now.  Sorry folks, my baby boy turned 4 yesterday and I was kind of focused on him.  (let's not discuss being planned ahead and scheduling posts ahead of time m'kay - cuz I totally wish I rolled like that, but alas, I do not)  It's called "It's Toile Good" here for a reason - we're just making it work the best we can.

Anyhoodle - let's get down to partying people!  Last week we only had a few people join in the fun and while I love me an intimate gathering, I am hoping for a big ole' shin-diggy-creative-explosion of a party this week, so help us out and spread the word about the party!  Tweet it!  Facebook it!  Whisper in your neighbor's ear!  Grab a stranger on the street!  Let's get together and partay!


Enough's enough outta me - let's get goin!


Meredith said...

Sorry about the turnout last week :( Hopefully it picks up soon! Thanks for featuring me last week though! I linked up again this week and will continue to do so :)

Have a great week!


Chef in Training said...

thanks for inviting me over to join your link party! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me too! Blogger is having problems with my GFC, but you can still follow me by clicking "FOLLOW" on the top left side of my blog along my navigation bar. Just scroll up to the very top of my blog and click on it! :) it is next to the "blog search" and "share" links. Thanks so much! I would really appreciate it!