Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Robot Rocket Party that was a BLAST!

I know you're all on pins and needles waiting to read about the rest of our Robot Rocket Party we had this weekend.  I shared the invitations and printable fun in this post Sunday, but you can all breath easy now, because here are the rest of the deets...

The party was at our local "bouncy house" place in the late afternoon, so I served a few light snacks of Chex Mix, pretzels and popcorn.  As we were preparing that day, I realized I needed bowls for serving the snacks.  Instead of running out and buying a few bowls, I thought we could easily make a few cute (yet toss-able) bowls using scrapbook paper.

All we did was fold up the edges of a 12" x 12" piece of paper 2 inches, punch a hole in the flap on the corner and secure with a pipe cleaner.
Filled these with our robot treats, added the "Nuts and Bolts" signs, and had a cute little snack with super easy clean up!

After researching cake and cupcake ideas, I decided on rocket cupcakes and a robot cake.  I found several cute ideas on robot cakes, but in the end, ours was an original mess masterpiece.  Now, let me share something about myself - I KNOW that I am terrible at baking and cake decorating, but I also have a strong will to "make it work".  When those two things come together - here's what results...
I'll pause while you laugh...
Cakes just aren't my thang - but all that mattered to me was that my son thought it was super cool and that was the only reason why I brought it to the party.  It was almost our "special-at-home-for-our-eyes-only" cake.

The rockets turned out a bit better (I think).  I decided to have my grocery bakery make the cupcakes and ice them in red, yellow and orange to resemble fire. (ya know, from lift off)  I used sugar cones to create rocket toppers.  I just drew on windows with gel icing and then used a dollop of icing to stick star bursts (cut into triangles) onto the base for the rocket fins, er, wings - whatever you call those things on the sides of a rocket ship.
I stacked the rocket cupcakes all around the robot on the cake table in an effort to balance out the cute and the not-so-cuteness and was pleased with the overall look.
The birthday boy had a custom made rocket shirt complete with his name on one sleeve and his new age on the other.
I may never make another little boy tee without the embroidery floss trick I learned from Cheri at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar! Just adds a perfect touch!
I saw these rocket favor cups in the latest issue of Family Fun and wanted to make them for the party, but realized all of the goodies wouldn't fit into a cup.  So as I'm walking through Wal Mart the other day, I spotted packages of mini pie tins with plastic lids and thought they would make perfect flying saucers!
We added this favor box topper and glued on a few "lights" (plastic jewels) to create a more UFOish look.
Each guest got a couple Milky Way bars, a moon pie, a handful of Starburst candies, a shooting star bouncy ball and an X Ray Gun Squirter inside their Flying Saucer. And thanks to the help from my youngest daughter, each party guest also got their own hand made robot mask.  She helped me to cut, glue and assemble 18 of these masks from card stock, craft foam, elastic and pipe cleaners the day before the party and I think they turned out fantastic!
How cute are these little Mr. Roboto's!!
Then we added best friends, family, and jumpy houses and you get one terrific Robot Rocket party!

I'm sharing this party with these parties!  Go visit and be inspired!!
Happy craftin'

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Nora Nuno said...

Hi! I'm doing a similar party for my son, what did you use on the tables for centerpieces? I'm kind of stuck!