Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quick Hello on Father's Day

Hi y'all!  Happy Father's Day to your hubs, brothers, Dads, sons, etc. (pretty sure I don't have any male readers - but if I do, let me know!!) Hope today is filled with all sorts of wonderful things for the important Dads in your life - whether by birth or by example! 

I'm just sneaking in to say "Hi!" real quick and share a few crafty things that had me excited before we head off to do all things fun for Dad today...

I tried out a Drink and Remote koozie as gifts for the Father's today.  Still needs a couple tweaks, but when my girls wake up - we're crafting up a few more to give as gifts today!  (nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh?!)
I'll see if I can put together a little "how to" as we go today and then maybe we can do them again next year!

Went thrifting yesterday and found THESE!  I've always wanted an oversized fork and spoon for my dining room decor and these were a great buy (at least I think so) at $5 a piece!  The only issue is the weird totem pole like faces on the front.  Have a few ideas I'm playing with on how to fix them up.

I put my feet in the pic to give you a perspective on the size.
That, and I just got a pedi, so I'm showing off my freshly polished toes.

close up of the creepy people on the handles that need to go
Ideas and suggestions appreciated

And then finally, I snuck by the Dollar Tree (while I was out for the pedi).  I'm not supposed to go by the Dollar Tree, because I can't say "no" to anything in that dang store.  But I went, and I didn't do too bad.  ok, guilt trip over... Found a couple pot holders and dish towels in 4th of July colors and made this - one for me and one for Mom.
Will share more deets on all of these projects later, but for now it's time to go hug on my Dad, Father In Law and husband!  Hope y'all have a terrific day!