Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My baby is 4 today!

Last night I told my 3 year old baby boy, "Sweet dreams, God bless you, good night, I love you" for the last time because today he woke up as a big, 4 year old little man. Not sure why this 4th birthday milestone is hitting me so hard this year - maybe it's this project that has me really cherishing life more than I did before, but I'm just wishing to slow the earth's spin to make the days, weeks, months last longer with my sweet babies.
(Warning - mushy Mom post ahead)
My sweet Carter was born on June 8th, 2007 and weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces. I will never forget the second I saw him. From that moment on, I became a completely different human being. My wants, needs, worries, joys, celebrations doubled. I began to feel all of those same things I felt for myself for 29 years, for my child. He is my life's greatest lesson and I have so enjoyed (mostly) learning from him these last four years and am thankful for him and to him for countless reasons.

To my precious Carter, thank you for...
teaching me that parenting is not about controlling
letting me rock you to sleep
 always letting me sing to you - silly songs and sweet lulabies
holding my hand - when you need to because you're learning to walk,
when you have to because we're crossing the street,
when you're scared to get a shot,
when you want to because you're the sweetest boy a mom could ask for.
Thank you for taking a few bites, even though it has red things in it.
Thank you for dancing your little hiney off.
Thank you for trying your best at taking first steps,
learning your letters,
going potty,
rearranging the dishes in the dishwasher,
keeping me from sleeping,
being kind to your sisters and brother,
sharing with your friends,
doing cannon balls,
blowing bubbles,
singing in the play.
Thank you for reminding me to drive carefully,
say please,
thank you and excuse me,
not say "butt",
kneel down and see things from your perspective,
play like a kid,
laugh at silly things,
that life is full of wonder.
Thank you for telling me I'm the best mom ever.
Thank you for saying your prayers,
for always cracking the eggs and pouring the cheese in,
for always smiling and putting your arms up for me to hold you when you wake up from nap.
Thank you for helping me get the mail,
bring in the groceries,
load the dryer,
swiffer the floor,
open the door,
smile every day,
feel better,
pick up the toys,
push the stroller,
finish my ice cream.
Thank you Carter for being the amazing,
intelligent, funny, witty,
kind, thoughtful, adorable, happy boy you are.
I am so grateful to be your Momma on your birthday and every day.

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