Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late birds get boring colored worms...

So, as I'm sure you could've guessed, I was late in getting to Old Navy this weekend. (side note: we rarely have much going on, ever - but this weekend was action packed) I couldn't make it to shop for tanks until today at nap time which means...

wah, wahm waaaaah...  Grey, navy and black and of course an "Old Navy" 4th of July tank.  Fortunately, there were so many terrific and totally do-able ideas linked up to the party and I have big plans for these ho-hum tanks!  Did you do any tank shopping this weekend?

party link HERE
 Don't forget to head over the the Tank Transformation Party and vote for your favorite project!  My apologies if you already voted, please do so again because I didn't set up the voting dates correctly.  It's fixed now and voting begins any minute and is open until Tuesday!  Tell your friends about the party and gather up as many votes as possible!  There will a super fun secret TBD prize awarded to the winner! 

Happy Sunday y'all!  It's Monday tomorrow - are you ready?

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