Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Friday #8 by my favorite blogging partner in crime CARI!

I'm living in a teeny tiny bubble right now where I don't really seem to get anything done. Ever have that feeling? All I've been able to do is find a few minutes here and there and it's all been devoted to the house and desperately searching for ideas as we build. (Yeah, IN the process of building and STILL can't decide what I want!) So since I've been craft-free lately, here are some things I've found that I want to knock-off...

CLEARLY can't afford this...
MUST figure out how to make it. Would be PERFECT over the tub in the master bath!

This is a light...but how cute and easy to make into a wreath or around a vase or something??

Kids room craft...wouldn't this be cute if you redid the letters (paint, mod podge, etc) and stuck 'em on a canvas or scrap of wood? OR if you spelled something out with them? CUTE!

Restoration Hardware

I saw this and almost fell over...I can think of a million different ways to do this...
Layla Grayce

Hope you can find some inspiration too!

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Real Life Reslers said...

cool stuff! All of our lights are super cheap from Lowes. I love your more custom looking ideas!