Friday, June 10, 2011

Favorite Friday # 7

NOTICE: By reading this post, you are supporting my Pinterest addiction.  This means you are encouraging me to waste many minutes, adding up to hours surfing through many beautiful photos, organizing ideas into lovely categories of projects I'll never get to.  This sums up the situation exactly...

Here are some other unique ideas that have caught my eye are are most certainly considered favorites on this Friday!.

 Decanter Lights
Book Lamp

Clamp Bookends
Steps as nightstand

valencich bedroom nighstand
Mirror atop suitcases for a night stand


Teacups and Spoon Chandy


Easter Egg Candle Holder


Wooden Hanger Towel Rack


sooo..whatcha think?  fun stuff right?  stuff I'd LOVE to do and HOPE that I will, buuut - well,  let's just leave it at I HOPE I will.  Are you Pinning?  If so, I wanna follow you!  Or come follow me - let's Pin together!  Or if you're not Pinning and you want to - send me your email and I'll send you an invite to the most fun time waster you'll ever find!

Gotta run cuz there's more Pinning to do. 
Happy Friday y'all! 
Baby boy's 4th bday party is tomorrow and I'll be sharing all the robot/rocket goodness we've been working on soon!

PS - Still not too late to link up to Whatcha Working With party!  Show of your stuff and see what other great ideas are out there to get INSPIRED!


Amy said...

Allison! I too waste countless hours on Pinterest, and yet I have never seen even one of the above pins - amazing!! How can I find you on Pinterest?

Kelly said...

Never heard of pinning, but this looks like fun. How do I get started?

allison @ said...

Kel - I'll send you an invite - you'll never be bored at work again!