Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wine-o Weekend

The hubs and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this past Friday.  Friday the 13th, in fact!  Nothing spooky or eerie about this day for us.  The weather in south Texas was GOR-GEOUS and after we got the old kids off to school and dropped the little kids with the grandparents, we hit the road to visit some wineries in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas! 

We stopped for a little jerky snack on the way up! (that's not an employee, that's the hubs!)
 I LOVED their recycled soda bottle yard art!
 We ate lunch at the Fredericksburg Brewery and I had THE BEST Reuben ever!

Then off to the first winery - Torre di Pietra.
We tried several reds, but ended up buying more white wine on this trip, which was surprising for us since we are typically red drinkers.
We sat outside, chatted quietly and enjoyed some of the vineyard scenery.
Both of us commented on how amazing it was to have quiet, unhurried, uninterrupted, enjoyable conversation.  I think the break from the kids was much needed.

Then we headed to Becker Vineyard and marveled at their beautiful tasting room!
found another good white..
hung out on the patio with this fella
and enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing afternoon reconnecting to our sanity and each other.

We did a little shopping where I gathered many creative and inspiring ideas for home decor, crafting, and sewing!  We had THE MOST amazing dinner at a place called The Nest.  We called for a reservation early in the day, and we dressed up a bit and were prepared for a fancy-shmancy restaurant, but this is what we found as we parked around back of the building!

The restaurant is actually an old house and there were about 5 of these cute guys hanging out in the back yard!  I wish I had snapped shots of this meal, but it was the white-tablecloth-and-napkin kind of place and I was more focused on my mussels and portabello mushroom stuffed chicken (and some more wine) than I was on photography.  It was truly amazing and the donkey's were a delightful, quirky, little oxymoronic (?) touch to this yummy dining experience.

We stayed at the La Quinta and although it wasn't our original plan to stay there, it was a terrific hotel with a super yummy continental breakfast!  
I wrote an Instant Gratitude note and left it with the front desk clerk as we checked out.
What's an Instant Gratitude Card you ask?  See the little yellow note card in the photo above?  
Read all about it here on my other blog site, the Thank You Note Project!

Then we headed home to meet up with some friends for some fun on the river!

It was great to get away.
It was awesome to be alone with my man.
I'm glad to be back with my kids, 
but also pretty glad we have a 
few bottles of wine in case that feeling fades.  
(I joke, sorta)

What was your weekend like? 

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Sunshine and Lavender said...

Ok going to have to make a trip :) We went out to Granbury this past weekend for a wedding and their downtown is gorgeous too!