Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hey y'all and Happy Tuesday

So, I need to get some project posts up here, but haven't gotten my act together on any projects lately.  I created this quick sweater refashion the other day...but that's all I've gotten done.
Just chopped the arms off an old V neck sweater and then cut down the middle in the front and sewed on some (Dollar Tree) doily as trim.  Created a rolled flower pin for a little extra detail and done!
Took a poll on Twitter and Facebook and got a positive response, so I'm wearin' it!  Do you Tweet or are you on Facebook?  If so, comment back with your deets and let's get chattin!  I'd love to follow any and all of you!

So it's teacher appreciation week and Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday and my 5 year wedding anniversary is the 13th so I have some work to do.  Some of the Teacher Appreciation project ideas I'm leaning towards are a "bouquet" of flower topped pencils and pens for one teacher, some personalized dry erase boards for some others, baked goods for my 8th graders teachers and not quite sure what to do for my son's Pre K teachers.  I'd love to get them all a day at the spa for all the hard work they put in for my kids - but because I'm giving 14 teacher gifts this year, the budget doesn't allow for that sadly.  I also got a great idea from my Twitter pal Alison at Sunshine and Lavender about creating personalized note pads.  Just have your child write their teacher's name or a message at the top of a blank sheet of paper and take it to a copy center to have it copied, cut and glued into a note pad!!  Love this one!  Thinking that might be with my son's teacher's get!

As for Mother's Day, I created this frosted vase the other day...

It was just a clear glass vase from the Dollar Tree.  I added some flower vinyl cut outs using the Silhouette cutter (remember this?)and then sprayed on some frosted spray paint.  Took about 30 minutes and cost, well, let's say it was "affordable" (not cheap) because I'm thinking of creating a few for the mom's in my life for Mother's day.  Maybe personalize them a bit and fill with some pretty spring flowers?  I'll keep ya posted on what I can whip up!

As for the anniversary?  Well, can't think of anything that the hubs would really get a kick out of me crafting for him - anyone have ideas?  Have you ever made something for your man that they flipped for?  I'm all ears!!

Guess I'll stop the gabbing and get to working!  But I wanted to share a few pics from our Easter fun (yes, I just got around to those pics!)
I was such a humbug at first when it came to dying eggs this year.  I didn't want to do it at all because I knew it would be a huge mess, but in the end, it was I who broke out the glitter and created probably the biggest mess of all.
we did a little egg hunting...

and chocolate eating before church

and then we hunted some more at Grandma's house
and then ate a little more chocolate...
and then tried to get them to take a good photo all together...
but all I got were a bunch of silly faces!

But we sure did have fun!

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