Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

In all my hunting for things purple and butterfly, I came across quite a few cute projects and websites to pass along...hope you find something you like, too!

First up, super girlie butterfly mobiles...I'm thinking nursery? Little girl's room? Baby shower??

image from Catch My Party

Can definitely think of some ideas for how I'd do this one myself! Maybe a project in my future! (Great website too, especially for party planning!)

Another cute butterfly idea...wondering how I might use some objects around the craft closet or $Store to make it...

photo from Stamp Talk with Tosh

And another:

photo from Scrappy Critters

Would be super cute of course in PURPLE! A cute baby shower favor? C'mon friends, who's next? I need a baby to throw a shower for! (and a house to throw it in!...only 6 more months! --building a house for those of you a bit lost there--It will be ready just in time for a shower...!?!)

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