Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey y'all! It's What To Do With It Wednesday again, but today is a special one - it's the very first LINKY party here at It's Toile Good! I'm kinda bubbling over with excitement about this! Cari and I have wanted to get to talk with YOU, interact with YOU, get ideas from YOU - because that's what so awesome about this blogging community! So take a sec and leave us your ideas today! We would love to feature YOU, your ideas, your blog, your Etsy store because getting to learn from one another is what we're all about! So I'll zip it now so we can get to the fun stuff.

Almost every week, our family gets together to enjoy the Adobe Family Meal Night on Tuesdays. The meal includes a gallon of tea and it comes in these containers.

Of course, I cannot throw them away, so we have several stored up. I've used them as goodie containers for Christmas cookies and they are great dog water bowls, but I really think they have more potential. What would you use these containers for? I want to hear your ideas! The more the better! Ready, set - GO! WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!

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