Thursday, March 17, 2011

WTDWIW - A day late and a just plain short

Loved all FOUR of the ideas last week for those plastic buckets we needed help with!  Thank you to Amy from Amelia Bedelia for participating and adding a link to your idea! 

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Amelia Bedelia
 Fortunately, we have so many of these buckets, that I would imagine we could use a bucket for each of the ideas suggested!  The Easter Baskets make total sense for this part of the year!  Not sure why that didn't jump right out and bite me!  I'm sure Cari could make gardening magic with several of these buckets and I know of a perfect place to donate them that's just down the road!  We really LOVE hearing your ideas and appreciate you taking the time to comment!  Yea for getting ideas from YOU!!

Not that I don't have LOTS around here that we could use your suggestions on, but I'm actually CAMPING today!  (with all 4 kids!  send me strength!)  We'll get back to WTDWIW next week and I'm hoping to share some of the updates we've made with your suggestions!

I'm off to rough it, but before I go...

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