Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our very own "Cook Boss" party??

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My little guy LOVES Buddy from TLC's Cake Boss (and Kitchen Boss-which, despite my best efforts, he never fails to call him the "Cook Boss"-ha!)'s a great show; who could blame him?!
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He also LOVES construction trucks (or "builders" as he calls them...we have a book of 100 trucks...did you know there were *at least* that many different kinds? He knows all of them. How many can you name??) It is because of these two great loves that I am trying to figure out a way to combine them for one fantastic three-year-old birthday party which happens to be occurring at the very end of this month.

So I'm going to enlist some help. I've searched the internet to get some ideas and have some pretty good ones, but I'd like YOUR help. Yes, you. You probably have more creative ideas than anyone else out there! Let's be honest, shall we? :)

Any area of the party will do...invitations, food, decorations, activities...but we're talkin' CHEAP, people. I don't do the big, overdone kid party thing. No rented anything. No special places...just a traditional, at-home with all your friends kind of party. I'd love to say it's because there's no other place to have a birthday party in our little town, but really, it's because I'm too cheap to do it anywhere else. And down the road when my kid looks at me and says, "Mom, why can't I have my party at a REAL bakery and drive there in a REAL dump truck and have the Cake Boss himself bake my cake?" I'll say, "Honey, my birthday was always the weekend before school started and all I ever had was a pool party and everyone still came and THEY LIKED IT." I'm sure he'll walk away confused wondering what that has to do with the price of eggs...and what that phrase even means... Well he's not going to remember this party anyway (other than pictures) 15 years from now, right? Right? (Our family still argues whether or not sister came to DISNEYWORLD with the rest of the family 20 years later...and no one can remember for sure. Where ARE those danged pictures?) Anyway, I digress...

So kitchen/chef/Cook Boss turned builder ideas....

Here's what I've got so far:

Possibly cookbook style cover with his picture (not sure what the title is...right now I've got one in his skivvies that says "At Home with the Naked Chef" and his name on it). Inside would be the "pages" with the party info on it. (He might die when he sees these at 15, but they're so dang cute...)

Here's where I'm bringing in the "builder" part...cones, orange and white "barrels" (soup cans), dump trucks to hold condiments/snacks...

The "Cook Boss" your own pancake or pizza...(depending on time of day)

Lots of ideas online about doing a cake made with crushed Oreos or brownies on top as dirt and a loader or crane of some sort to scoop it up with??

I'm pretty much overloaded with ideas here, so I'm not too worried about this part. Most of them focus around the "builder" part...but making their own food and the wooden kitchen he's getting as his present from us (pics to come of that...we plan on making it one weekend in the near future!) round out the "cooking" part as well.

So...what do I do with it? Mainly, how can I effectively combine these two ideas successfully on his invitations/what in the world do I call this party? Bob the Builder turned Buddy the Cake Boss? Lame-o! Help! The best ideas will be featured on our blog later this week. Will yours be one? It won't if we don't hear about it! Leave a comment below with your very own idea. Can't wait to hear 'em! (and THANKS!!-in advance!)


Real Life Reslers said...

I can't wait to see pictures of how this party turns out!

Life in Rehab said...

Hit the party store for hardhats instead of birthday party hats and personalize them for each guest. Wrap any favors in bandannas or squares of bandanna print fabric with wooden spoons from the dollar store slide through the knot. Pound cake loaves make truck cakes super easy to sculpt, Oreos are great tires, snipped mini-marshmallows are headlights, and little pretzel sticks make the grill. I could go on and on, since I've been doing themed parties times three since 1992!

Life in Rehab said...

Check out what I just ran across!

Pink Peppermint Paper said...

I'm thinking cake and scaffolding. "Help our little Buddy construct a birthday masterpiece." Something like that. Then, maybe they get to decorate their own cupcakes? You could have different "blue prints" for various construction-themed cupcake designs. Have the various toppings, etc. contained in toy truck beds. Pretzels or tinker toys on a larger scale as the scaffolding. The Oreo crumbs like you mentioned or those candy rocks. I've seen some super cute construction cone b'day candles somewhere. Good luck!


Pink Peppermint Paper said...

More on the cake building. A crane hoisting the candle to the top. Workers trowelling on the icing while a cement truck with a big hose pumps the icing out...