Monday, March 28, 2011

How 2 Blogs Collide, A Short Story.

Let me start with today's short story...
Years ago I was fortunate enough to find a job I really enjoyed.  I worked as a Stationery Product Specialist (yea, I'm fancy) for a newly founded social stationery company called Expressionery.  I completely enjoyed learning about paper and printing, about the 4 "P"'s of Marketing (I have a psych. degree), email campaigns, websites, working with new artists and creating and launching new products.  It was an exciting time in my life - I was working creatively and I was contributing to something important!  Buuuut then the real work came when I found out I was pregnant.  I had my baby and went back to work, but then our child care situation changed and I decided to quit this job I had come to love to try my hand at another full time role - Mommy.  My husband (whom I actually met through work) still works for the parent company and I still feel a strong connection with my former employer.

Fortunately, I have been able to continue to work with in a couple of ways.  The first is by blogging about their new products as part of their Community Panel.  I am also the author of the Thank You Note Project blog that is sponsored by  Today, these two bloggy world's are colliding via one adorable little note card.

I present the Instant Gratitude Notes! (aren't they CA-UTE!)
These pocket size mini folded notes came about when we realized I needed a simple and quick way to share my thanks with others.  I started with this set.  They were the perfect size, super cute and they promoted the Thank You Note Project blog.
I have left these for superior waiters, thoughtful restaurant managers and helpful dry cleaners drive-through window attendants.  I keep a handful of these in my wallet, so I'm never without a note to share my thanks.  Ok, ok - I'm not just telling you all this to brag.  Beginning March 30th, you too, can have yourself your very own set of Instant Gratitude notes!  A set of 10 notes for $5 - you can't beat that price for 10 opportunities to make someone's day. is offering these mini folded notes in a selection of 5 designs, all personalizeable on the front and blank on the inside.

Instant Gratitude Cards
Come visit me at Thank You Note and learn about how I'm sharing my thanks with these adorable notes!  Then, go visit and take a peek at their superior collection of stationery and gifts (some of them are products I worked on!!)) - the prices and products are amazing and I promise I'm not just sayin' that!

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