Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surprise, Valentine!

No, I'm not just referring to the fact that it's been FOR-EVER since I've blogged...we surprised our "long-distance" grandparents and uncles with a little valentine package.

My almost three year old helped with everything...the only reason I'm getting any crafting done right now! Thanks, bud! We made some picture frames with foam and random craft goodies we found in the closet (he was pretty proud of his work) ;) and put some pictures together using picnik (unfortunately the danged frames were a funky size and it took for-EVER for me to figure it *somewhat* out). We also baked a ton of goodies-most especially some super tasty cake balls...so easy a two year old could do it! (crumbled cake mixed with icing dipped in chocolate...yum!!)

We also got working on some valentines for his class...they turned out pretty cute, but I forgot to take a "final" shot!

Hope y'all had a fantastic V-day...we sure did!

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