Friday, February 11, 2011

Mini Man Mustache Bash Party

The mustache themed party was a hit!  And I'm almost over my Mommy Guilt for having his 1st birthday party about a month late.  (of course he'll never know)  The mustache theme was enjoyed by the little kids and big kids alike and it was fun to work on all the details for this party. I still have a thing or two to learn about party planning, but it all got done before the first guest arrived (well, most of it anyway!) and that's all that counts.

The INVITATIONS were simple and created for free on Picnik (I can't sing enough praises for this application!  It's amazing!! and did I mention FAREE!)
Used a photo of my mini man and added a Picnik mustache "sticker" and the text.  Sent them over to Walgreens and they were ready in an hour. I did have to tweak the placement of things a couple times make sure nothing was cropped off, but Walgreens was great about helping with that!

The DECOR was pretty simple with a cute mini mustache man photos on the chairs, a few paper flowers, balloons, and a couple banners.

no making fun of my curtainless windows

large banner in the living room
I got a kick out of making this banner.  It was all done with Picnik too!  Just used photos of my sweet baby from itty bitty to big boy and added mustaches.
 Then I made an image for each word of "Happy", "First", "Birthday", and "William" and added a mustache below.
Sent all that to my awesome Walgreens again and had banner makings ready in an hour.
Punched holes in the top and threaded onto a long length of tulle.  I used tulle so the photos wouldn't all slide together in the middle when it was hung on the wall.  The tulle is thick enough to hold the placement of each photo and adds some dimension to the overall look.

The FOOD was simple since the party was held in the late afternoon.  The centerpiece on the food table was the banana (my son's fave food) flavored cupcakes with these awesome mustache picks. I am so grateful to Elise at A Beautiful Mess for sharing these!  Thanks to her, these were super easy to make.  I just printed, cut and wrote different sayings in the speech bubbles and hot glued to toothpicks.  Personalized AND adorable!
my daughter cleverly thought of the "got stache"
Of course, we sipped our drinks with our Stache Sippers!
Cari rocking the 'Stache Sipper
I also made a huge mustache cake so we had something a bit larger for blowing out candles.  Don't laugh, I'm not a baker or cake artist by any means, but he loved it!
I whipped up that shirt in about 13 seconds.  Cut out the "1" and the mustache from felt, the hotglued it to the shirt.  (I should have done this weeks in advance, but sadly I waited until the 14 seconds before the party was supposed to start - lesson learned)  I got the stache on the sleeve idea from this adorable Etsy store!  Hers are totally cuter and the mustache is a more realistic size, but again, 13 seconds people.  It made for a cute cake eating shirt and kept his new adorable outfit from Grandma clean.  Not to mention the adorable photo op!

The real hit of the party was the Pin the Mustache on the Baby game.  (Our version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey)  My graphic artist genius friends created this adorable and hilarious game board for us.
I sent her a photo of William and she turned him into the cutest Groucho Marx look alike, complete with laminated mustache for the game!

Luckily it was nice weather and we could play our game outside and have some mustache fun!

Each mini man or lady got a goody bag filled with candy, Goldfish crackers (another fave of Will's) Groucho Max glasses,
 a Stache on a Stick,
 and Wooly Willies.  Remember these?
I had an absolute blast working on this party for my baby boy and I'm pretty sure he had a great time too!

PS - A shout out and a thank you to Kyla because I found TONS of 'stache inspiration from Funky Polkadot Giraffe in this post (tip: read up on MOvember - we may have to have another party in honor of this awesome cause this fall!)!


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SO fun! Love the 'staches!
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