Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I heart you

Just looked at the ole follower count today and, low and behold it shows this number!!

...and this makes me feel super special.  I appreciate each of you who has decided to keep up with what's going on at It's Toile Good.  It's so flattering and I love being able to share with you!  As ITG grows I hope to create more of a dialog between us.  Meaning linky parties, flickr groups, guest posts, guest spotlights and discussions and sharing via comments.  I have more to learn in this blogging world on how to make these things happen, but I'm so motivated to learn from you, that I'm gonna get it all figured out.  Bottom line is that I heart you all!

Love this quick and easy (and brilliant) Valentine idea from 24-7-365 and the Brassy Apple!  Made some for my son's party at school, and am working on convincing older sister that these are the way to go for hers this year too.  (She always likes to get super messy arts and crafty for hers)

I took a photo of my boy with a smile? and his fist in the air (which took a few tries, by the way, to get our hand placement right)

Then added the message and text in Picnik.  I'm sure you've heard of them, but if you haven't it is completely awesome and FAREE!  You can do 1 bajillion amazing edits to your photos. I have a few cool ideas using Picnik that I'll show in the post about the Mini Man Mustache Bash we had this past weekend (that I hope to post today).

Sent them over to my local Walgreens to have them printed.  Picked them up after running a few errands yesterday evening along with a couple bags of Tootsie Roll Pops.

Came home, cut a slit at the top and bottom of his hand in the photo.  Slid a lollipop into the slits.

wait, make that ADORABLE and DONE.

Such a great idea!  Thanks to Alissa and Megan for sharing this terrific ideas!  I am too, too grateful for this!

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Christine said...

Congrats on 150!! That valentine is hilariously brilliant--yours came out great!