Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crafty Donations

***wah wah waaahhhh - I was too late to donate.  Boo! :(  
So these will go into the Craft Closet waiting to be gifted.***

Our church is hosting a "Beast Feast" today that will include a dinner of wild game, silent auction and live auction all in efforts to raise money for the church.  I missed last year's event, but am very excited to attend this year.  I am donating a couple crafty things to the auctions and hope they raise a few dollars for the cause!

The first is this book page wreath.  I'm mildly addicting to making these in all forms.  This version uses slices of pages from a French / English dictionary made into loops and glued all over the wreath form.  There are a million ideas for book page wreaths out in craft blog land and I've been inspired by them all!

 I also whipped up a tutu for the children's auction.  I love making these.  They take NO time and the materials are very affordable. I like to make matching shirts or onesies with these, but I didn't have anything on hand.  Instead, I created a matching magic wand to create an adorable dress up set, perfect for a little girl with a big imagination.  Can you guess what I made it from?

Hot glue, ribbons, a matching pom pom and a HANGER!

Easy and affordable and (I think) pretty darn cute!

Hope someone else thinks so to and bids big on these items!  It feels great to get to create for a good cause!  Check out this other great idea to create for a cause over at MADE!

Happy Saturday!

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Real Life Reslers said...

NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!! ohoh wait sidetracked in movie land there for a minute...i love the stuff you made! I've been thinking about making a tutu for my pug. I'm weird. I know.