Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini Man Mustache Bash - my baby is 1!!

My youngest turned 1 on January 8th and this Mommy threw him the lamest of lame birthday parties.  The only reason we could possibly call it a party was because Cari graciously made cupcakes for him and my parents and in laws brought presents for him.  I hate to say this, but I'm afraid that he might never have a great party on his actual birthday because his birthday falls so close after Christmas.  (wow - that sounds terrible of me.  but its pretty honest)  BUT, I am going to redeem myself next weekend with the best Mustache Bash this household has ever seen!  Been rounding up ideas since, well, January 9th when the Mommy Guilt set in. 


photo from Funky Polkadot Giraffe
Adorable mustache treats for a totally awesome Mustache and Tutu party!  You gotta go visit to see this party!  It's super fun and I grabbed up lots of ideas from their great event!

photo from Homemade by Jill

How fun are these temporary tattoos? I'd love to see all the babies crawling around the house sporting mini mustaches!

photo from Funky Polkadot Giraffe

I'm thinking this would be a terrific 1st birthday boy shirt! Maybe a matching one for big brother too!
photo from Nap Time Crafts

I love these 'staches with elastic!

Staches of fun - 12 handmade mustaches for props and photo booths
photo from EMT Sweetie

But I also love these 'staches on a stick - decisions, decisions.

photo from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar

These plate ideas are precious AND affordable!  These are a must do!

I've also brainstormed a few fun ideas for a cake and a garland.  Home made baked goods have never been my "thing" so fingers crossed.  I'm off to Hob Lob for some brown felt and possible some fake fur!  (kidding......I think)

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Whitney @ Diary of A Preppy Mom said...

How fun is this!~ :) I can't WAIT to see what you come up with! Is it bad that I'm already planning for next year? :) We are doing the Hungry Caterpillar theme for my little monkey's first birthday next week! I'm also headed to the Lob today for some last minute wonderfulness!