Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coming Clean

I know I've mentioned it before, but it's time for me to come out and expose my dirty (literally) little secret.  I, Allison, am a craft supply hoarder.  A&E doesn't even know about this type of hoarding and its a good thing, because I would be their first featured story.  I have an obsession with the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby (and their 40% off coupon) and Freecycle.  I gather supplies because I have at least 50 craft projects swimming around in my head, ready to be created at any given moment and I would hate not having what I need on hand when inspiration strikes.  The problem is that I don't have the time (or energy) to make ALL the projects I have my heart set on and so the collection grows and grows, but the time available doesn't.

What better time than now to get organized and commit to actually USING what I have on hand?!  We (mostly Cari, because she's the diligent one) decided to attack THE CRAFT CLOSET (said in a booming echo voice), see what the heck is in there and then craft according to what we have on hand.  Consumables (i.e. hot glue, thread, the occasional wreath form) excluded.  Hopefully, these supplies will bring us some fun projects.  I can only imagine how we'll have to streeeeetch our brains to work creatively with some of these items I've collected.


Here's THE (the, the, the) CRAFT (aft, aft, aft) CLOSET (et, et, et)

I know; it's pathetic - moving on...
It's not a large space; just your average under-the-stairs closet.  Cari and I couldn't believe how much crap stuff was in that small space!  I did attempt a bit of organization with a couple rolling carts and I promise that chest of drawers WAY in the back  (the one you can't get to) has neatly organized drawers.  A couple fabric bins and boxes started out as good ideas to contain supplies, but ultimately - it became one hot mess.

Gift bags and wrap and who knows...
More plastic storage carts and there's that dresser!

It took up both couches in the living room and the entry way!  Luckily, Cari is an organizational genius and took on the challenge with determination!
that's my baby Will, taking notes from his smart Auntie
After 5 hours and a lunch break and LOTS of blushing from me....THIS happened!!

 Structure!  Organization! A walkway!

There's the dresser (and the bottom drawer is still empty - waiting to organize something else!)  But I can actually REACH it AND open the drawers!  What a concept?!

This is a just pic of the floor, because I wanted to remember how pretty it looked un cluttered and usable!  (tear!)

Thanks to Cari, I have my crafting act together!  The "projects in process" are nearest the door so we can tackle them first!  Got some good stuff coming soon - although, I hate to even mess it up - it's sooo purdy!


Michelle said...

I just did this with my husband, he threw everything away, oh wait I mean, "helped me organize" my craft room. It is empty and clean and really I just want to fill it back up again lol! Looks great!

Cari said...

And not to mention, we didn't buy a thing! :)

Courtney said...

Ugh! I know the feeling! I buy and hoard so much craft stuff or even things I can make into a craft but I never find the time for. It's crazy!