Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Finished Projects of 2011

Got myself a SAWEET Silhouette SD for Christmas this year and have been having tons of fun playing around with it.  I haven't actually bought any vinyl yet for it, but I have a feeling once I do - this house will be COVERED in quotes, numbers, silhouettes, embellishments and who knows what else.  I did put together a few cool creations with materials I had on hand.  (gotta love that!)

First project I created was a name sign for our bedroom.  I started with a pretty piece of scrapbook paper that matched the colors of our room and a piece of scrap wood (from the house my parents are building).  Cut the letters and brackets with the Silhouette and spray painted the outside edges of the wood.  Then I added a black scrapbook paper background to each side of the wood with spray glue.  I tapped into my inner kinder gardener and used a glue stick to stick each cut out to the black paper.  I just sprayed a clear coat over the top to seal it all together.  Loves it!

aren't I a lucky girl to have married into such a lovely last name?
Second project was actually something I was hoping to sell in a store downtown that is carrying some of the book page wreaths I've made.  But, it wasn't up to par per my expectations for selling, so I just added it to my home decor (oh darn).  Made book page angel wings (got the idea for the wings from The Nester) then added a cardboard heart cut out for the center.  Cut the word "angel" and the flourish from black card stock on the Silhouette SD.  A bit of glue stick, spray glue and glitter later and voila!  New art!

The third project was transforming a storage box from this...

to this...
Just some scrapbook papers applied with Mod Podge and clear coat of spray paint transformed this catch all from kinda corny to CA-UTE!

So glad I'm finally back to crafting.  Not sure if my family was ready to loose the dining room table again to my craftiness, but you know how it goes...When Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! 


thopler said...

What I loved most about your post was when you said that your family might not be ready to lose the dining room table to crafts again. I had to laugh because I finally rid my table of crafts so we could eat together as a family again, but the Cricut found its way back on...funny how that happens :)

susies1955 said...

I just got a Silhouette too but haven't used it only once. I just am afraid of it I guess.
I'll be following you in hopes of seeing a lot of projects. :)
Great job,

Lindsay said...

cute stuff! I just ordered a Silhoutte and can't wait to get it! We're hosting a Silhoutte link party and I'd love for you to come by and link up some of your projects. www.thatvillagehouse.blogspot.com I need some inspiration! :)