Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Craft Closet Creations

Remember when Cari got my sad craft hoarder hiney into gear with the Craft Closet clean out day?  I found more half started projects than I care to discuss.  Today I can check one of them off the list!

Found two sets of flatware I had spray painted red.  What for you ask?  Remember seeing this awesome creation in blog land last summer?  Well, I was inspired enough to run to Dollar Tree and buy two spoons, knives and forks and spray paint them red.  That's where it ended.  They were put into a storage container and then covered with more storage containers full of half started projects.  Thankfully Cari rescued them from the abyss and now they are sitting pretty (well, half of them) on my kitchen wall!  As soon as I find another frame I can use I'll have a matching set of artwork.  For now, they are holding their own. 

I'm itching to get the sewing machine out again.  I am trying to hold off for a while until I get a few more hot glue, quick-to-finish projects wrapped up first.  Diving back into this closet to see what's coming next....stay tuned!

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