Friday, December 31, 2010

We're Gonna Party Like It's 2011!

It's New Year's Eve folks and it is a night to celebrate achievements, learn the lessons, and "cheers" to the memory of the year 2010!  In year's past I spent LOTS of time deliberating of the perfect party outfit and the ideal place to celebrate that super special 10 second countdown.  This year I'm going to be sure to wear clothes of some kind and then probably be asleep before New York is even close to seeing the ball drop.  Oh, how the times change.

But the party doesn't matter because New Year's is always exciting for me.  To start a year new and fresh - a clean slate with so many possibilities.  I don't do resolutions though, because plain and simple, I don't follow them.  But I do like to think about what I could try to do better.  Not just the typical stuff (eat better, excercize more, be on time more, etc), but how can I live this next year more meaningfully, more impactfully, more fearlessly.  I have set myself a goal for myself this year and am excited to start a new journey.  I'm going to document it in a totally new blog and I hope to share with you all very soon.  It's concept centers around thankfulness and I have no doubt it will challenge me in many ways.

What I can share with you now is this:  I am so happy and grateful for this blog, for the bloggy friends I've made and for this creative blogging community.  I started It's Toile Good in May on a whim and didn't think much would happen.  I thought my Mom and her friends might read it occasionally and that it would just be a quiet, fun, little thing for me to do, almost privately.  124 readers later and a hefty handful of projects featured, I am silly with giddiness about the success It's Toile Good has had.  I am so excited to be blogging with my sister in law, Cari, who I have always loved, but now consider one of my closest friends.  It's Toile Good has helped me stretch, grow and learn on many levels - wether I'm digging into figuring out the html code (ha! can't believe I even know what that is!) of an ITG button, or wracking my head for project ideas using a particular item, or finding the courage to share the creative side of me with others.  It's Toile Good has taken me from the land of diaper bags, spit up rags, homework checking, and laundry washing to a place where my brain works hard, my ideas considered and valued and my creativity is challenged and elevated.  It's helped me to find and focus on the real me.

So "cheers" to you all and Happy 2011!  I so look forward to what this year will hold!!

All the best!
and so as not to post without's the Top Ten Fave Projects from the past (almost) year.
#1 - book page packets

#2 - snappy onesie
#3 - burlap stocking
#4 - Dollar Tree Chic
#5 - Halloween Wreath
#6- mitten makeover
#7- the infinity scarf
#8 - wanna be Anthro lamp
#9 - can it

#10 - hoot hoot I'm cute

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