Tuesday, December 14, 2010

haul out the holly!

Last year I was 9 months pregnant during this time of year and was in full blown nesting mode and our home oozed Christmas!  This year, I've added bits here, and bits there and still don't think I'm quite done with the decor, but this is the start to sprucing up our space for the holiday!

Our advent "calendar" garland.  It was on the mantle, but then I found the box with the stockings, so it moved to an empty wall behind the couches.  Old jeans and courderoy pockets and a few shirt cuffs thrown in.  Some hot glue, twine and red slick paint for the letters and a couple felt snowflake cutouts and we have a pretty garland to count down to Christmas!  Each pocket holds a scripture with a different name for Jesus.  We read and discuss what each scripture means and we add the corresponding ornament to a small Christmas tree.  It's a great way for our family to stay focused on the reason for the season!!

Next to the garland are two of my favorite wreaths.  Made these last year.  The blue one hangs on my son's bedroom and the white on our bedroom door.  Total freebies too - old sweaters and a hanger!
Here's our tree for the year.  We always get a real tree because I LOVE the smell!  We got a skinny one this year to fit in the space between our fireplace and the tv stand.  It's not decorator perfect, but it's a perfect reflection of our real life!  Little full, lotta sap.  (name that movie!)
Made our home a new Christmas wreath for over the mantle this year.  Simple and affordable and I LOVE it! A half off grapevine wreath form from Hob Lob ($2.50), half off red feather picks (3@ .$50), 2 glitter holly picks (2@ $.50), glitter star from last year's stash, clippings from bottom branches of the tree for a total of $5!  I didn't even use hot glue to add the accents -  just wedged them into the cracks in the wreath and used a small bit of wire to hold the star on!
Our stockings!  It kills me that they don't match, but the original 4 in the middle aren't sold at Pottery Barn any longer and we've added two more to the family!  That's what I get for not planning ahead!  At least there's another matching train stocking for our newest little guy coming soon so I can restore the symmetry on my mantle.  (I know, I've got issues)
Still working on the hutch in the living room, but here's the nook.  I like to switch out the items for the holidays.  Here's what it looked like in the spring...

and then in the fall...
and now for Christmas!  Pinecones with Christmas tree trimmings with fabric scraps tied on to add color and softness.  Free and easy! 

How's your home feeling these days?  Ready for the holiday?  Am I the only late decorator?  I'm getting there.  Let's just say I'm savoring this holiday and taking nibbles instead of chomping off a big old bite...hmmm - where did those cookies go?

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