Saturday, November 6, 2010

What in the Wordle?!

We had too many great ideas for our original 6 part series - so consider this Addendum A.

This idea came from one of the ladies in the Mom to Mom group.  So, so simple, but personal and thoughtful!  I'm sure you've heard of Wordle, but I didn't know about it until my daughter came home with an assignment from school using Wordle.  It's super fun and FREE!!  It creates "word clouds" or word collages with the text you type in!

Here's how
Type in words (the more words, the more intricate the art) and the program will randomly arrange the words into a collage.  For larger and smaller words, simply type the word you want larger several times.  For example, in the Wordle below, I typed Leach 10 times because I wanted it to be the largest word in the collage.  You can customize the color layout and just keep clicking "randomize" to see different collage formats.

Once you have the look you want, you can print these out (for free!) on paper, card stock or scrapbook paper and place into a frame to create a quick, easy, personalized art piece that anyone will love!

Other ideas with Wordle:
  • print and decoupage to the front of a notebook for a customized journal
  • print on opaque scrapbook paper, wrap around a glass cylinder candle holder, tape or glue ends together to create a personalized luminary
  • print to iron on transfer paper.  Iron onto scrap fabric and create custom throw pillows, tote bags, tee shirts, place mats, table cloths / runners
  • print and decoupage to wooden plaque or scrap wood for nursery art
Create Wordles for
  • Wedding gifts (Ex: wedding theme descriptors, love words, couples names, date, location, honeymoon, etc)
  • Mother's Day  / Father's Day appreciation (Ex: names, memories, kids names, favorites, etc)
  • holiday Wordles (Ex: Christmas Wordle: Jesus, joy, peace, gifts, love, birth, manger, Mary, Joseph, angel, tree, light, Santa, etc)
  • Family Values wordles (Ex: family member names, family favorites, trust, communication, love, etc)
  • New baby Wordles (Ex: new baby's name, birthday, location, parents, grandparents, angel, coo, rock, joy, bundle, etc)
  • Kid's room art Wordles (Ex: child's name, their fave foods, color, nick names, toys, etc)
  • Thank You Wordles (Ex: Gratitude, appreciate, thanks, enjoy, love, gracias, use the Thesaurus)
  • Object Wordles (Ex: pillow Wordle: sit, seat, couch, recline, breathe, comfort, relax, rest, cushion, pillow, respite, etc)

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