Monday, December 6, 2010

Mod Podge and Paint

Mom to Mom 6 Part Crafty Gift Series
Part 4

You can turn this...
into this!

Super cute and great for hanging up those reminders, invites, or receipts that get lost in the piles...or for pictures, art projects, lists...the possibilities are (almost) endless!

Cheesy garden sign--Goodwill find (any piece of wood, sign, metal, etc would do!)
Clothespins...I know I've seen at the dollar store...
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Glue (to stick on the clothespins)

Add a clay plant pot and some paint (we also sealed it with some clear spray), and you've also got this! (all for a few bucks)

The sign was covered in that cute black and white scrapbook paper and then decoupaged on to the board. I then took some colorful scrapbook paper and covered the clothespins (paint would work fine too!) I glued them on (hot glue will only last for so long...) and then decided I wanted a little something extra so I added a word. The word can be decoupaged on or painted on it. I used some acrylic paint I had and printed off the word I wanted on the computer. I then cut each letter out, traced around it in pencil, and then filled it in with paint.

The plant pot is super cute with a personal touch involving your kids and using their hand and footprints...great for a teacher or grandmother. You can Mod Podge or glue any number of things to the outside of the pot (I had thought about buttons or pictures)...or if you're really good, paint their name or a verse or quote along the side of it! I thought you could put a cute little indoor plant in it or even a little gift card tree if it was for a teacher. Maybe fill it with candy or some garden tools!

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