Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm still alive!

I don't know if that's supposed to reference my not posting in forever or making it through Halloween with my toddler and newborn (and husband for that matter), but I AM alive!

I thought I'd post the little bit of crafting I've been able to do since the birth, which has mostly been out of necessity! My precious little ones were Pacman and a ghost(ie) from the son loves the game on the iPhone (starting to regret the apps I've downloaded for him, but that's a different story...). Side note-He also thinks that when his cousin runs through the house shouting "I'm Batman!" that he's saying "I'm Pacman!" so logically this proceeds into a hilarious argument about who's allowed to be who (thinking that they are arguing over the same character since they sound very similar when said aloud...). Quite funny.

(The pictures of her in the costume aren't that great :/ She was adorable though, trust me.)

Easiest costumes ever.
Pacman: Cardboard box, spray paint.
Ghostie: Plain onesie (local resale shop: 1.99), old t-shirts and interfacing (eyes),

tulle and elastic (tutu).

Easy to do with the few minutes I had when the youngest wasn't crying and the oldest was napping. :)

I promise to not be gone from crafting for long...once I figure this whole "two kid" thing out...ha.ha.


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