Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday address labels

I've seen so many holiday address labels advertised to order at all sorts of stationery websites...but if you've got printable labels at home, they are SO easy to make yourself (and won't cost you anything out of pocket!) If you don't have labels, you may find a good deal online because to buy the labels at an office supply store can cost you a pretty penny. Lots of online shops offer deals on address labels at this time of year. One of my absolute favorite stationery websites is based here in the wonderful city of New Braunfels (and just happens to be the site I found these ADORABLE custom labels by Paper People!)

But if they're not in the budget this year and you don't mind DIY, here's how:
In Microsoft Word, go to Tools, Labels.
Find your label brand and product number. Click OK. You've now created a new document and should see boxes corresponding to the size and shape of your printable labels.
Insert clipart (or even a photo!) and resize the image small enough to fit on one of your labels.
Type in your address information.
Copy and paste to fill the page.

Ta-da! Your own custom labels! Great for the holidays, birthdays, invites, thank-yous...shoot, maybe even to spice up your bills a bit. ;)

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